Medical Recommendations For Pregnant Women On Taking Liquor

Across the world, there have been many public awareness campaigns about the precautions of taking liquor for pregnant women and for those who are cardiac patients. As a matter of fact, different reports from a number of health care organizations have stated that majority of pregnant women fall prey of different complexities during their pregnancy due to side effects of taking liquor. Therefore, one needs to be very careful in this regard. In fact, the fetus in mother is taking all its food and nutrition from mother’s body. The digested food from mother’s body is internally supplied to the fetus. Now, the ingredients in alcohol are such that they pose a threat for fetus. Mother may enjoy taking liquor and apparently there is no side effect on her due to taking liquor but for fetus, it turns out to be something really dangerous. In certain cases, serious abnormalities and even death of fetus has been reported. In other cases, the new born baby suffers with certain respiratory issues. Therefore, the medical practitioners and all the health care centers strongly recommend all mothers to take special care of their diet during the nine months of pregnancy. Generally, smoking and taking liquor serve the same purpose in creating havoc situation for the life inside.
In certain conditions, where a woman is alcoholic and is very much addicted to liquor, medical practitioners allow certain brands of drinks (those which are very much diluted) and that too in a very limited amount. However, it would be rather wise to avoid all sorts of drugs, cigarette brands and liquor while you are expecting a child. Similar recommendations are there for the heart patients since the presence of alcohol in body is most likely to disturb the heart beating rate and this is what the patient needs to avoid.